Studio visits 👁

Samuel Wenceslau

"A stain is also beauty", teach us Samuel Wenceslau. Artist originally from Nova Lima (Brazil) and currently living in Porto, Samuel welcomed us in his studio-garden-home that houses plants and images of plants, archives and scenography, memory and discovery, affections and research. 
During our Study visit, we talked about his relationship with botany and discovered the affective-formal nomenclatures he has been creating through graphic representations of plants and mosses. In his project "Studiolo Gráfico / Inventário Gráfico de Formas Naturais", Samuel brings together elements from the landscape of Minas Gerais and Northern Portugal. 
Besides being a visual artist, Samuel is also the "Queen of Scrap", collecting abandoned objects in the streets, and is part of the Kebraku collective.
Aimed at discovering, revisiting and getting closer to the community of artists of Porto, GMP launches Studio Visits 👁. In an informal and curious way, our team visit the ateliers and creative spaces of the city.

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